About Us

Who We Are

Impact One More was founded by Rock of Cape Church as a Mission organization focused on sharing God’s love and compassion, helping the needs of others and most importantly, sharing the gospel of Jesus and
giving people Hope.

Impact One More (IOM)  is involved in various local outreach projects but also partners up with several nonprofit organizations to create a greater impact by providing financial and/or humanitarian support to struggling communities on a global level.

IOM provides support locally, domestically, and internationally, partnering with Project One Forty-Three, An Open Door Adoption, Operation Christmas Child, and other Nonprofit organizations that share the same

Meet The Founder

IOM Board Members

Rachel Mellies


Matiss Vitols-Vitolins


Krisinda Bowlin

Asst. Director

Get Involved

Are you ready to get Involved? Become part of our movement. To learn more about upcoming missions and opportunities for you to get involved select GET INVOLVED tab to sign up. To learn more about our current mission and ways you can be involved and also view items that we are asking you to consider donating to support in need communities select tab CURRENT MISSION and let’s make an impact into someone’s live together.