Give A Chance!

Join Rock of Cape church and Impact One More as we partner with “Foundation Abandoned and Orphaned”

Foundation Abandoned and Orphaned Shared with us their vision which is as follows “Because of the political environment in Poland, the hosting program was closed. I knew that I needed to find a way to continue to help children. I created with my husband in 2018 a foundation to support these children.

The goal was to work with orphans and help them become independent and start their adult life. We know these are the vulnerable ones who desperately need support. Our dream was to create a network of “friendship families” that can be a support for them when they are at the highest risk, as they age out and leave the orphanages. Our Goal was to mentor and support these children and to help them not duplicate their parent’s patterns.

We also had a plan to support them financially so they can start and finish school to master their talents and interests. This could give them a chance for a better life and the much- needed self-confidence to become the adult they have always dreamed of becoming. But we don’t have any financial support now so our foundation cannot help in a wide range. We help in a very small way when we have some extra private money or we have partners, like you, who are willing to help, and we are a part of this support”.